”I started this business out of passion, with the desire to change the course of life for many people. I chose to measure success not by numbers, because I went along with an open mind towards what is ethical and responsible in the medical act: quality, passion for excellence and the confidence given to each person”.

Dr Ilie Vonica, founder of Polisano Pharmaceuticals

Our current product portfolio, as well as the one under development is based on the following principles:

  • Innovation – we are constantly developing new pharmaceutical formulas
  • Diversity – we are covering the most important therapeutic areas
  • Addressability – our aim is to reach as many people as possible, without compromising quality

Company History

Founded in 2003 through a Greenfield investment, Polisano Pharmaceuticals is a Romanian company.

Organizational culture


We aim to be a trusted supplier of pharmaceutical products and services, acknowledged worldwide.


We aim to contribute to improving people’s health by providing a full range of pharmaceutical products and services, covering major therapeutic areas


In everything we do we are guided by:
Passion for excellence
Commitment on quality and safety

Quality acknowledgement

ISO 9001 Certification

Represents a quality acknowledgement of the managerial activity, the best practices in the organization and the focus on quality.

ISO 22000

It’s the reference standard that combines the following internationally recognized key elements for ensuring food safety throughout the agro alimentary circuit up to the final consumption: interactive communication, system management, HACCP principles and preliminary programs.

GMP Certification

Represents a guarantee of the conformity of the manufacturing processes with specific regulations in the pharmaceutical industry.

Obtaining this certificate allows the company to manufacture and market the pharmaceutical products.