The Pharmacovigilance Service within Polisano Pharmaceuticals has the objective of continuously monitoring the safety of medicines for which the company has a Marketing Authorization (APP). Specialists in this service collect useful information about the use of POLISANO PHARMACEUTICALS drugs in the medical practice, whose scientific analysis provides data on possible changes in the benefit / risk balance.

The company also ensures to take all necessary steps to minimize risk, when appropriate, thus assuming the responsibility for the medicines launched on the market.

To report an adverse reaction to one of Polisano Pharmaceuticals’ products, please contact the Pharmacovigilance Service directly:

Head of Service Dr. Laura PĂTRAȘCU
Address: Sibiu, Soseaua Alba Iulia, nr. 156, 550052.
Mobile: +40 740 541 966
Tel.: +40 0269 259 993
Fax: +40 0269-259992
Email: [email protected]