Polisano Pharmaceuticals in facts

70 mil. euro investment

in production and research

70 mil. euro investment

30 countries

of export

30 countries

>20 mil.

commercial units/year

>20 mil.

> 95% automation

state-of-the-art equipment

> 95% automation

In Polisano Pharmaceuticals there are 2 manufacturing units projected and built according to GMP standards with the objective of ensuring the technical and technological capabilities to produce a wide variety of pharmaceutical forms – medicines and food supplements.

Out of care for the health of our consumers, Polisano Pharmaceuticals’ manufacturing and control conditions for food supplements are just as strict as those applying to medicines.

Solid oral production unit

It is authorized for the manufacturing of tablets, film-coated tablets and hard gelatin capsules at GMP standards.

The facility has in place industry-leading production equipment, adapted to the specific requirements of the production site.

Manufacturing capacity

  • 190 mil. capsules / year
  • 287 mil. tablets / year
  • > 20 mil. commercial units / year

Development directions

We have launched an extensive investment program in order to authorize, in the shortest time possible, the production lines dedicated to solid oral and injectable oncology products.
The particularity of these production lines is the use of the isolator technology, for the first time in Romania.
The use of this technology makes Polisano Pharmaceuticals a pioneer in the Romanian pharmaceutical industry, being the first plant in the country that owns this type of production lines.
Pharmaceutical forms that will be processed on these production lines:

  • Tablets, film-coated tablets, hard gelatin capsules
  • Ready-to-use solutions in bottles
  • Lyophilized powder in bottles
  • Ready-to-use solutions in pre-filled syringes

Quality Management

The quality system within Polisano Pharmaceuticals ensures to obtain products whose quality corresponds to the purpose for which they were developed, according to GMP standards.

Our approach provides the framework for establishing, implementing and delivering safe and effective products with appropriate quality attributes in order to meet expectations of patients, healthcare professionals, authorities, internal and external clients.

The quality control of raw materials, packaging materials, intermediate and finished products is done through testing and analysis in line with the applicable GMP standards. Polisano Pharmaceuticals owns state-of-the-art laboratories, supervised by skilled and experienced staff.

The quality department ensures that the quality policy is applied in:

  • All the stages of development, production and analytical control
  • Batch release
  • Periodic product quality review