How does it work?

BeautyDream® is your source of beauty through the active ingredients it contains:

Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally present in our body; it can be found in our skin and joint structure. In time, the concentration of hyaluronic acid begins to decrease, therefore it is often necessary to supplement it by oral administration.

L-methionine is an amino acid involved in protein synthesis. It is also a structural ingredient of the hair.

Biotine intervenes in the formation of keratin and, consecutively, helps maintain hair health.

Horsetail extract is a rich source of minerals and important vitamins assuring healthy hair and skin.

Zinc plays a major role in tissue regeneration, and helps the preservation of skin and mucous membranes integrity.

Selenium has an antioxidant role, preventing cell damage and destruction.

Product description

In order to maintain health and beauty inside and outside, we need a balanced lifestyle and a nutrition rich in vitamins and minerals. BeautyDream® completes the necessary of vitamins and minerals for you to be beautiful both inside and outside!

BeautyDream® helps ensure the optimal skin hydration and the necessary nutrients for a healthy and youthful hair

Instructions for use

Recommended intake for adults: 1 capsule per day

Box containing 30 capsules