How does Carboflat® work?

Carboflat® is a food supplement which naturally absorbs intestinal gas and regulates gastric acidity and discomfort caused by toxins ingested in low doses.

Product description

CARBOFLAT® capsules is a food supplement, which by its composition in activated charcoal, helps to reduce the flatulence after food consumption. It eliminates the abdominal discomfort, detoxifies the body, and fights against intoxications.

Instructions for use

Recommended daily intake for adults: The beneficial effect is obtained with a consumption of at least 1 g  at least 30 minutes before meal and 1 g immediately after meal.

The product is to be administered as needed.

The capsules will be swallowed whole, with a sufficient quantity of water.

To be administered 2 hours distance of other substances used in different affections, because it may interfere with their absorption.

Box containing 20 capsules.

Notified by SNPMAPS with Notification Certificate Series: AA/ no: 6901/ 13.08.2013