How does Ginkgo Biloba work?

It improves peripheral blood circulation, including brain, slows the aging process and supports memory and concentration capacity.

Product description

Ginkgo Biloba 80 mg film coated tablets contain natural bioactive substances that help blood circulation to the brain and extremities, support the concentration capacity and memorize, prevent blood vessels degradation. The product is effective against muscle pain occurring especially during walking, in feeling of both cold hands and feet states, caused by decreased local blood circulation. The product protects the body from free radicals responsible for aging early.

Instructions for use

Recommended intake for adults and elderly: 2-3 film coated tablets a day, after meals.

The tablets should be swallowed with a sufficient amount of water.

The first effects occur after the first month of treatment. For optimum results, Gingko Biloba 80 mg film coated tablets must be administered for a period of maximum three months, especially in the elderly.

Notified by SNPMAPS with Notification Certificate no. 9720/06.10.2015.