How does it work?

The tonic and antioxidant action of the Green Coffee and Green-Tea extracts is complemented by chrome and carnitine, thus the 4 active ingredients:

  • Help inhibit glucose uptake while maintaining GLICEMIA constant
  • Preventsfat deposits and fat tissues, inhibiting the formation of cellulite
  • Accelerate the consumption of fat reserves, sustaining weight loss

Product description

SlimDream Activ® contains natural extracts, which contribute to weight loss and weight control, as part of a calorie controlled diet.

SlimDream Activ® sustains the metabolism (by reducing the sugar and fat absorption from the digestive tract, by neutralizing the free radicals from the body), and helps maintaining the body weight within normal limits.

Instructions for use

Recommended daily intake for adults: 1 capsule, 2 times per day, approximately 30 minutes before meals.  Recommended treatment for 2 months, 2 - 3 times/year.

The capsules should be swallowed whole with a sufficient amount of water.

Box containing 60 capsules.

Notified by SNPMAPS with Notification Certificate No. 8085/ 19.09.2013.