How does Tugriss® work?

Due to its complex content of natural extracts, Tugriss® defends the immune system and reduces discomfort in the throat.

Product description

Tugriss® helps relieving cough, reducing the sensation of throat irritation and helps eliminate discomfort due to local inflammation of Oral pharyngeal cavity. Due to its rich content of natural extracts, harmoniously combined, Tugriss® supports the normal functioning of the immune system.

Instructions for use

Recommended daily intake for adults: 1 lozenge, 4 times a day.

It is recommended to avoid consumption of foods and liquids for 30 minutes after taking the product. Lozenges should be easily dissolved in the mouth.

Box containing 30 lozenges.

Notified by SNPMAPS with Notification Certificate AA/ no: 6200/ 10.12.2012.